Grace Woman Diaries

Welcome to my Spirit-filled dairy. Grace Woman is a ministry very close to my heart. It was founded in April 2017 as revealed to me by God, Abba Father. Grace Woman is who I really am. I am a Daughter of God saved by grace through faith. This is where I write letters to God from my heart.

It is sort of a “Reflections and revelations dairy”. This Page is explained better in my post titled “Grace Woman” where you would really understand what I mean. This dairy is for the broken woman. The woman who is looking to God to heal her. The woman who has surrendered all and is looking for “His rest” and searching deep in her soul for peace that surpasses human understanding. I promise you from the depth of my heart that the thirst in your soul can be quenched with the Living water from a well that never runs dry (Jesus Christ). The satisfaction you will feel in your soul can never be compared to anything.

My love, there is light at the end of the tunnel and God loves you so very much and is constantly waiting on you and preparing a place for you where you will forever feel welcomed and never be lost.

More than anything, I hope you find whatever it is you’ve been looking for on this blog because I believe God is going to minister to you. I love you so very much and I wish you nothing but the best and above all, that your journey to Christ and through Him, is crowned with Glory and fueled with Grace.

Enjoy x

Ijiebor Freda


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