“Sophisticated ratchetness” , “smart mouth” , “low-key know-it-all”, “very passionate about what she believes in”. May or may not have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) and initiates occasional excessive humor. These are the few things you might associate with me as soon as you start exploring my blog and my journey.

I would like to die empty. I would like to die knowing that I gave my very best to this world and to the people in it. I am only as rich as the value I add to someone else’s life. I want my legacy to be that I became a voice of influence that helped change the way people viewed and embraced life. That I was a true representative of what I believed in and stood for what was right. That because of me, people, especially women knew how to face the world head on and understand the true meaning of confidence and what it is to live right.

This blog is my brain child and virtual personality. This blog is for the individual seeking growth and ready to embrace all that comes with it. I’d like to invite you to help me empty myself to the best of my ability because I know in that way, I added some part of me and some value that I posses to your life.