First they rob you off your required environment, strip you off your free will, blur your choices and then occupy your thoughts. They take your mind captive and slowly but surely, turn your emotional mirror so that it only reflects what they think of you.

You live for their approval and die by their criticism pulling at your every feature that has the potential to make you feel freedom. They make the idea of freedom at the expense of loving them and while all your heart screams for freedom, damaged self esteem laughs in your face and leaves your thoughts at the tip of your tongue.

They pick and pull at your every form until you become the replica of their perfect image of you. They project their insecurities on you and turn your thoughts into lies as long as it’s against what they seem to stand for. You must be insane to think that you can flourish without them. That you can excel beyond the limits they’ve placed on you. And as much as your heart screams for freedom, you leave it at the tip of your tongue.

But you must scream. You must use your voice. It’s all you have. Nothing ever flourished at the tip or at the edge if you’re not all in. Almost doesn’t count. They will rob you off everything and say you said nothing. You will claim they killed you and they will say you handed them the knife and the thing is it would be true. You can excel but not too much. You can soar but as long as they can reach you. Keep going higher they say; but clip at every feather as soon as you gather the strength to spread your wings and fly.

But you must scream. You must be heard. Like a mad woman on the streets. She may be mad but she can’t be ignored. You may not agree with her insane mutterings but you will acknowledge her presence. You must run and never look back. Dark as it may seem there is light at the end of the tunnel. The intensity of your voice is the beginning of their fall.

So scream as loud as you can; from the rooftop of your emotions, dreams, goals and beliefs. One thing about screaming is that you will be heard. You must be. To be heard is to acknowledge that you screamed. To scream is to accept that you must be freed. To think and speak of freedom is to accept that it will no longer be at the tip of your tongue.


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