For the past month now I haven’t blogged. Not particularly because I didn’t have anything to say or have what you would call a “writer’s block”. I just needed to be sure of the source of the words I say or rather write to you. I needed to be sure that I fit and could play the role that God has put me in. You see as a believer, we are the light of the world. We are called to shine the Light of Jesus to the world and eliminate the darkness that so emanates from it. And so from time to time, I would need to unplug, reflect and recharge. This is not saying I’m 100% there yet. This is me giving what you would call a “progress report”.

So one day, I was reading my bible and meditating on the Word of God concerning what is means to be a Light of the world. The easiest thing to deduct from this statement is to Shine bright for the Lord; to stand tall in His Word concerning your life and live in Holiness. But do you also know that it means exposure? Do you know that when light shines in a room full of darkness, it exposes everything in it for everyone to see? This is the side of the light I am not so comfortable with. What I’ve realized is that, sometimes, if the Word of God doesn’t make you uncomfortable, make you reflect deeply, convict you, or just like I would usually say, drag you by your wig, then you haven’t really grasped it or like in this context, been brought to the light. (Quote on quote). Mathew 5:14 NLT “You are the light of the world-like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden”.

I don’t know about you but being a believer in this time that it is so frowned upon, I would like to hide. I sure wouldn’t want people to see how imperfect I am; or the fact that I still struggle. You see while writing this blog sometimes, I get weak, emotional and just tired because I feel like I have this perfect image I have to represent in order to be able to write the way I do. I get scared of what God is calling me to do because I am still struggling and I don’t always get it right. Whenever God calls you to do something, you are automatically a light because you represent Him; whether it’s a ministry in Church or outside the church (like a Christian film maker). Paul calls this a thorn in his flesh. (2Corinthians 12:7-9 NLT). For someone who did the Lords work like Paul, he really did not need it. He felt he needed to be completely free of whatever secrets or imperfections he had.

Sometimes we sabotage ourselves into thinking we do not deserve to be where God called has called us to; forgetting that this same God who said in His word, that before he formed us, He knew us also said that He knows the thoughts He has towards us to bring us to an expected end. You think God doesn’t know that you struggle with confidence, anxiety, with lust and sexual immorality or that you even steal (I mean look at Judas)? Being in the light means that all your imperfections are brought to the light and because of that you may want to Hide but where God calls, He provides .You are not your sins or your imperfections; the bible says that Gods strength is made “perfect” in our weakness. So how else do we show or highlight this “perfect” God to the world when we’re hiding or ashamed. I’ve never seen a more relatable person than the one who has gone through what I’m experiencing first hand.

Someone’s hope and strength is hinged on your confidence and obedience towards God and your imperfections shouldn’t stop you. It sure didn’t stop Paul no matter how many times he asked God to take it from him. Joyce Meyer hated her voice and the way she sounded yet she preaches to millions of people all over the world. God will make that thing about you that you hate so much and turn it into a medium of reckoning for the world to see. Because of my imperfections and the light I’ve been brought into, it has illuminated just how human I am and so I get scared and hide but the Holy Spirit has made me understand that is also illuminates just how powerful and merciful God is. He cannot heal what you don’t reveal and because of that, I’ve decided that instead of spending my days running away from the truth of who I am, I’ll embrace it because it sets me free. It is the reason behind the blog anyways.

To you reading this, don’t be scared of where you know God is calling you to no matter how imperfect or unqualified you may seem. Life’s greatest contender is the one who embraces its form .God doesn’t call us into a stage He hasn’t graced us for to perform in His name. If He has called you, you don’t need the applause of the world, you only need His approval. God has called us to be bold, to take on the stage, to let us shine so bright that the world won’t be able to deny just how amazing He is.



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  1. Jenny says:

    This is a really beautiful post. More grace girl!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Darling! Amen and God bless you


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