Grace Woman Series: The Spirit Transition


Sitting on my bed wondering what the first post for Grace Woman should be. I’m trying to be led by God as much as possible and not move ahead of myself but I also don’t want to mistake procrastination for patience. So, after praying and seeking God, I finally got the revelation… *moonwalks in hallelujah style*

The Spirit Transition

(I know, strong topic)

Transition is the act of passing from one state or place to the next or an event that results in a transformation. Now a lot of times especially as women, naturally, transition is very frequent and normal for us. It can be transition into womanhood i.e. puberty or transition from being pregnant and then finally giving birth. And in that phase of transition, we go through a whole lot of changes and experiences that ultimately define how we take on the next phase of our lives. Now as a Christian woman who is trying to find her way to God and be who He has called her to be, you would go through a lot of experiences and changes that will fuel how you mature spiritually. Sometimes, it may take a daily overflow of the Word of God and other times it may take an intentional separation with intense connection with God in your secret place (your intimate place where you worship God and seek him) for a period of time.

Now the period before the next stage in our lives is so crucial because it is there God refines us, molds us and reveals to us what the next stage will be about. And they can get very intense and offensive to our emotional make up but it is there that our trust and faith in God is put to the test. It is required that our faith is tested by God. Like a new mattress before we actually buy it. Psalm 139:23 says “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts”. We can get anxious overtime wondering what God has for us and Him testing us and ultimately revealing His will to us puts our anxieties to rest. This period of test can come with a lot of isolation. This website came out of isolation with God. It wasn’t always the best and sometimes I would get lonely and cry but I would always trust God.  It was necessary for the foundation of what God was calling me to do.

Jesus went through a period where He was tempted and tried by the devil (I mean He was trieddddd.. because with the offers He was getting.. oh boy). He was in the wilderness (in isolation) where He fasted for forty days and forty nights (Luke chapter 4) but we have to know that He was led to into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. When an isolation period for you is near, you would feel the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart so you have to make sure it is from the Spirit so that it does not counter or stunt your growth, become fruitless or lead to you fuelling your own selfish desires. But where I want us to focus on is Luke 4:14 “then Jesus returned to Galilee, filled with the Holy Spirits power. Reports about Him spread quickly through the whole region”. After His isolation period, there was a transformation, He was filled with the Holy Spirit, reports about Him spread and He regularly taught at synagogues (if you read further which you should lol). Anyways, it was at that point He had actualized His true nature and calling and began walking in His purpose. (Hope you caught the revelation that isolation may require a lot of prayer, fasting and studying of the word). This is what I call “The Spirit Transition”

So my love, if you feel a tugging in your heart of the Holy Spirit calling you into a secret place or into isolation. Do not ignore it or run away from it, it will usher you into the next phase of your life. Whether the isolation is from people, social media, food etc, listen and do not harden your heart and God will reveal to you what it is you need to move into the next chapter of your life.

Till next time, I love you and please let me hear from you; you should comment if you agree or have any extra suggestions. I’m one comment away


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