I love you and I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and everything you haven’t because of my selfish desires. Sometimes, I get ungrateful and don’t allow myself look around and count my blessings. I get angry, tired and frustrated and forget to look back and see where I’m coming from and just obsessing over how far I have to go. I am truly sorry. God, it gets hard, being in this world, struggling and trying to find my footing and place. The world just has so much standards of what a woman should be like, feel like and represent that sometimes I get lost in all of it. Help me to focus on you. Help me to turn away from conversations that don’t me fuel my purpose or point me towards my destiny. Some days I’m confused and others I am just plain drained. Please help me to draw strength from you. Teach me how to love myself and other people from a pure heart. Test me Lord and help me to always check the posture of my heart and mind that my source is always truly from you. I thank you for my loved ones and for all you’re doing in their lives and as long as I live, teach me to trust in you and your will.

If you feel this prayer is for you too, then please personalize it and comment Amen.


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